Pediatric Dentistry – Children Dentistry

Most Comprehensive Pediatric Dental Practice in Perambur Jamalia Chennai
Parents and children, welcome to Dr.JP’s dental and orthodontic care.We’re happy to see you and your little ones in our clinic. We work hard to make each dental visit fun and kid-oriented because we believe that oral healthcare need not be a scary experience for your child.
Primary or “Baby” Teeth are very important
Your child’s first set of teeth are called “primary teeth”.
Primary teeth help children speak clearly, eat properly, talk, smile and feel good about themselves.
Healthy primary teeth also help form a path for the permanent teeth to follow and grow properly in position.
Most importantly, a strong, beautiful smile helps your child to develop good self-esteem.
Pediatric dentist by 1: See a dentist within six months of getting the first tooth or before the first birthday.
At the check-up, the dentist will:
• Check your child for cavities.
• Show you how to brush and floss your child’s teeth.
• Teach you about food, drinks and habits that can cause cavities.
• Explain you about fluoride.
• Check your child’s bite, growth and development.
• Give you information on how to prevent accidents as your baby grows.

We also specialize in the care of differently abled patient who require special care such as children with cerebral palsy, mental retardation and autism.