Why JP Dental

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of professional care with the friendliest personal care, no matter what the age.

In Our practices, you will find that we believe in good old fashioned principles like loyalty, trust, honesty and hard work.

We provide excellent services to all our patients from different sector. We will respond to enquiries fully and efficiently and make treatment as affordable as possible by offering finance options and flexible appointments.

Improving one’s smile is an important step so clients should be fully informed and confident about any decisions they make..

While you are here, it will be a good chance to experience the state of art facilities.


We at JP dental constantly strive to use advancements in technology to provide patients with precision treatment that minimize pain and recovery time.


In our clinic, infection control is our top priority and we always looking for ways to improve it. We can assure you that our instruments are very clean (we sterilize the tools) and we try to use more of the disposable material to stop contamination!! Below are some of the examples on how we handle infection and contain contamination.

For Our Patients Safety

Various ways to control infection are followed

  • Wearing gloves (new gloves of every patient), face mask, eye shields, gown
  • Use only sterilized instruments which are pouched to prevent exposure before used
  • Use more disposable material such as paper cup, bib, wrapping paper and saliva suction tip
  • Single use disposable items such as needle, blade, and suture material are only used
  • Using disinfectant to disinfect surfaces or handles after every patient.

We have an in-house reverse osmosis water treatment plant, which supplies our daily water needs.

All these infection control protocol has already been practiced in our clinic to prevent infection spread.

Digital Xray

The modern digital X-ray carries several benefits to patients. At JP Dental, we go the extra mile to invest in technology that means more to our patients and their treatment processes. Some of these benefits are…

  • Cleaner!
  • Faster!
  • Precise and Clear diagnosis every time!
  • Better practice management
  • Lower radiation doses to patients and clinicians alike, hence enhanced safety!
  • No harmful chemicals. No mess. Environment friendly!

High Quality Instruments

At JP Dental, we strive our best to provide facilities at international standards. We have taken every care and made every effort in selecting latest technology, which is truly reflecting right from Equipments to Instruments to Consumables, that we use in our clinic.

We ensure every instrument and dental material that is being used on the patient are of good quality and follow safety standards.

Some of the international brands that we use are,

  • Ivoclar vivadent
  • 3M
  • DMG
  • Dentsply


Laser dentistry can be a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures, allowing for treatment of a highly specific area of focus without damaging surrounding tissue.

If you consider yourself somewhat of an anxious dental patient and are seeking extreme safety and comfort, you might consider visiting us as we provide comprehensive options of laser dentistry techniques at every one of our state of the art facilities.